Signature ElightPermanent Hair Removal Treatment

Elight is the next level of technology which combines the advantages of IPL and RF.  RF is independent of melanin and thus independent of skin type.  That means that through RF we have a much higher possibility to remove light gray and red hair permanently, which is not possible by IPL technology.

What has to be done before?

  • The hair should be about 4 weeks not previously depillared, plucked or harvested.
  • No use of light-sensitive drugs (antibiotics & etc.)
  • At least 2 – 3 weeks before a treatment: NO SOLARIUM AND NO SAUNA

Usually 6 sessions are needed for very severe cases it can sometime even 8 to 10 sessions until you are finally freed from razor.

Note : Any damage to skin, skin cancer, etc. or after long sunbathing is not possible to perform Elight Treatment.